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Upper Paskeville Earth Bank Storage Renewal

15th September 2015
Upper Paskeville Earth Bank Storage Renewal

HDS Australia is currently working with Fulton Hogan and Fabtech on the Upper Paskeville 100ML Earth Bank Storage Renewal project for SA Water. This project is the result of a detailed investigation across the state into the issue of black flaky material being observed in the Paskeville lined and covered storages.

The results from a previous project identified that breakdown of the liner and cover material was only occurring at Upper and Lower Paskeville storages in the polypropylene grades of geo-membranes. The investigation identified a number of options to manage and rectify the issue, with a recommendation being made to the SA Water Board to replace the liners and covers on all three Upper and Lower storages in line with their anticipated asset lives. 

This project aims to provide as a minimum, the same level of operating service as the current storage after it was lined and covered in 2002 with the following project objectives:

  • Make sure the quality of water continues to reliably meet SA Water Standards by replacing the failing liner and cover,
  • Allow remote management of the storage by automating flow control valves,
  • Make sure that safety standards and embankment integrity are maintained, and
  • Provide a minimum 25 year design life for the liner and cover system.

The renewal project includes design of the following items:

  • Liner and Cover,
  • Stormwater management,
  • Underfloor drainage, and
  • Reservoir mixing.

The project is currently in final design with construction expected to start in October.