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South Australian Community Wastewater Guidance

6th March 2018
South Australian Community Wastewater Guidance

South Australia is continuing to take a lead in the field of fit-for-purpose community wastewater management. Updated design criteria are currently in development in a joint exercise by the Department for Health & Ageing (SA Health) and the Local Government Association of South Australia.

Community Wastewater Management Systems (CWMS) are defined under the South Australian Public Health Regulations (2013) as “ a system for the collection and management of wastewater generated in a town, regional area or other community, but does not include SA Water sewerage infrastructure”. The purpose of these systems is to collect, treat and reuse the wastewater produced in those communities. The definition includes both septic tank effluent and full sewer systems.

The updated guidance will provide for design loads and criteria specific to these types and sizes of communities. It continues the very successful program of community wastewater management projects that have been designed and constructed within the funding scheme administered by the LGA. HDS Australia has been proud to be a part of that program and looks forward to further success in regional communities. We are also increasingly applying similar principles of fit-for-purpose design in other states across Australia to ensure that small to medium sized communities can benefit from the advantages of a pragmatic, optimum design solution to their water resource issues.

If you would like further information on the progress of the guidance or on applications for community wastewater management, please contact Duncan Howie on 08 8333 3760 or