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Signage and delineation improvement in Northern Areas Council

20th October 2017
Signage and delineation improvement in Northern Areas Council
HDS Australia has recently completed design plans to improve signage and delineation at various sites in Northern Areas Council in South Australia. This design project follows on from an audit of rural road signage undertaken for Northern Areas Council in 2014 that identified areas in need of improvement. 
The original road signage audit involved a drive through inspection of all of Northern Area Council’s rural road network, comprising approximately 2,000 km of roads, 160 km of which were sealed.  All traffic control and advisory signs, together with road name signs, situated along these rural roads were located and their condition noted, including taking a photograph of each sign.  Incorrect sign installations were identified, as well as determining where, on a priority basis, additional warning or regulatory signs needed to be installed.  Based upon the findings of our report, Council resolved to allocate significant funds for the installation of new and replacement signage throughout the council area.  
Our latest project assisted Council’s Manager Operational Services, Peter Porch, to implement the sign replacement project, through the provision of signage and delineation drawings that have ensured all field installation of the new signs is in accordance with appropriate Australian standards.
This work for Northern Areas Council is an example of the synergies that HDS Australia can provide with our unique set of practice areas. With a key centre of excellence in road safety auditing, HDS Australia staff can readily identify road safety hazards and areas in need of improvement through low cost and highly effective site inspections by specialist staff. This is supported by skills in asset management and road design that allows HDS Australia to prioritize and design road improvements to resolve road safety issues. 
HDS Australia looks forward to continuing to work with Northern Areas Council, and other local government organisations to improve road safety, signage and delineation.