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Public Transportation – The Growing Need for Systems Thinking

6th March 2018
Public Transportation – The Growing Need for Systems Thinking

The Victorian Transport Working Group of the Systems Engineering Society of Australia (SESA), which is a technical Society of Engineers Australia, organised a seminar on alternative approaches for the public transport industry.  Shaun Wilson, CEO of Shoal Engineering, was the main speaker.  Hugh Dixon, Senior Traffic Engineer, of HDS Australia's Victorian office was in attendance.

The seminar focused on several system engineering concepts and how they are well established in the military and are now moving into public transport and other fields.  Examples of the system approach included an American smartphone application that integrates long distance rail travel with ‘last mile’ car hire for end to end transport solutions.  Another example focused on the conflict between the 30+ year design life of major infrastructure and the dynamic nature of technology and how systems engineering can ensure the infrastructure stays up to date.  

More information can be found on the SESA YouTube Channel.