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MAC funding applications - road safety audits

15th April 2015
MAC funding applications - road safety audits

HDS Australia's Kyle Yang and Tim Viner-Smith have recently undertaken nine road safety audits on Kangaroo Island, in advance of the 2015 MAC road safety funding round. By providing specialist advice through a formal audit process, HDS Australia has identified key road safety issues at these nine sites which are in need of rectification.  This information will be used in the preparation of, and to support, Kangaroo Island Council’s applications for funding through the MAC road safety program.  

This project is a follow up to a similar series of seven road safety audits at intersections on Kangaroo Island completed in 2014, again prior to a road safety funding round. Four of Kangaroo Island Council’s applications were successful, with $69,000 of funding obtained for road improvement works.

HDS Australia is currently engaged in similar work in Victoria in advance of the annual BlackSpot funding application due date.