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ITS, Wayfinding and Learnings from Toronto

5th December 2017
ITS, Wayfinding and Learnings from Toronto

Hugh Dixon, Senior Traffic Engineer, of HDS Australia's Victorian office, attended an ITEANZ seminar presented by Sam Linke, David Nash and Manuel Lawrence following their trips to North America, Hong Kong and the ITE annual meeting in Toronto.

The seminar covered the following aspects:

  • The effectiveness of Canada’s mass transit systems.
  • Integrity of their footpath networks.
  • The need for consistency in sign presentation (symbols, fonts, colours etc.)
  • The valve that traffic engineers can add to the signage process, particularly across different nodes.
  • Different types of visitors to a city and their different requirements of signage.
  • The ITE annual meeting in Toronto which covered urban sensing and the variety of data sources for generating of matrices (Bluetooth, Facebook, WeChat, GPS etc.).

Hugh was particularly interested in David's discussion on the need for consistency in signing, and the changing requirements for physical signing in a connected society.