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ITEANZ meeting: Age-Friendly Transport

16th June 2016
ITEANZ meeting: Age-Friendly Transport

On 16 June 2016, Hugh Dixon, Senior Traffic Engineer, attended an Institution of Transportation Engineers - Australia and New Zealand (ITEANZ) seminar on “Age-Friendly Transport” held at RMIT University in Swanston Street,  Melbourne.

The speakers included:

  • Tricia Williams – Elegant Solutions - on how we age and what we need,
  • Jennie Oxley – Monash University Accident Research Centre - on the characteristics of crashes involving older road users,
  • Duane Burtt – Victoria Walks - on active mobility for older Victorians, and
  • David Williamson – Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd - on road design and engineering considerations for older road users.

The things that interested Hugh included: the varying effects of aging and identifying different levels in the process; how much of the incidence of elders being represented in crash statistics can be attributed to frailty rather than cognisance or ability; and how the elderly can be good test subjects to gauge the readability of  road design.

A side track on the topic of road readability touched on  the difficulty of introducing innovative solutions, and the need to educate road users where and when things are changing.