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Intelligent Transport Systems seminar

26th April 2016
Intelligent Transport Systems seminar
On 26 April 2016, Hugh Dixon, Senior Traffic Engineer, attended an ITS Australia (Intelligent Transport Systems) seminar on “Intelligent Transport Systems” held at the Royal Automobile Association of South Australia offices in Mile End.
The speakers included:
*       Brian Negus, President, ITS Australia;
*       Susan Harris, Chief Executive, ITS Australia;
*       Hon Stephen Mullighan, South Australia Minister for Transport and Infrastructure;
*       Paul Gray, Chief Executive, Cohda Wireless;
*       Mark Shotton, Unit Manager Traffic Management, DPTI; and
*       Justin Passaportis, General Manager, Victoria and South Australia GoGet CarShare.
One thing that interested Hugh was how active DPTI are developing things like the addinsight (Bluetooth) system for monitoring travel times and informing drivers as well as investigating the Cohda vehicle 2 vehicle and vehicle 2 infrastructure systems for use on the O-Bahn buses.
Another interesting thought that was raised was whether automated buses would provide a viable, low cost alternative to light, and perhaps even heavy rail.