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Infraworks 360 for Urban Planning

9th December 2015
Infraworks 360 for Urban Planning

Hugh Dixon, a Senior Traffic Engineer at HDS Australia, recently attended an Autodesk, ANZ webinar on the Infraworks 360 tool and its application to urban planning.

The webinar demonstrated the use of cloud based storage and processing to generate GIS based base plans which could then be used to sketch concept layouts of land use and transport infrastructure, predominantly rail and road.  Light rail was not demonstrated, but the ability to customise road sections and intersections was shown.  Placing of buildings and vehicles in abutting land was shown, creating visual representations, suitable for presentation to those not familiar with technical drawings.

In terms of technical analysis of the concept, use of turning path software was demonstrated, also mention was made of determining traffic queue lengths.  The Autodesk Traffic Simulation tool is available with InfraWorks 360, but little information about it was provided in the webinar.

It appears the traffic capability of this software is currently limited to a 3 or 4 step micro simulation process, but may be adequate for some subdivision work.  Autodesk also has a history of rapid development of software to enter new markets, so there may well be significant growth in this product in the near future.