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Improving Road Signage in Northern Areas Council

4th April 2017
Improving Road Signage in Northern Areas Council
HDS Australia is currently continuing to work with Northern Areas Council to improve road signage across the council's road network. This work continues on from a signage audit that was completed by HDS Australia in 2014.
The work consists of the preparation of delineation plans for sites throughout the council road network. Each plan identifies the signs required to improve the standard of delineation at each site, with higher priority sites identified in the 2014 signage audit being the focus of work so far. Using these plans council staff will be able to order and install the appropriate signage to upgrade delineation and road safety at each site.
HDS Australia can provide added value to clients through the provision of design services, in addition to our key centre of excellence in road safety auditing. In this case the findings of our previous network signage audit is providing an input to this current work, and there are significant benefits in utilising staff already familiar with the sites in question.