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Gravel Roads – How Best to Extend Their Lives

21st June 2018
Gravel Roads – How Best to Extend Their Lives

A team lead by David Sutcliffe has recently won a state Institute of Public Works Engineering award and an Australian stabilising industry national award for trials in the use of gravel additives to extend the life of gravel road pavements.  David has recently re-joined HDS Australia after an 11 year break in local government, including nine years as a regional director in central Victoria.

David initiated a project where a section of road was treated with several different products such as foam bitumen, enzyme, cement, polymer and poly citrus.  Further treatment included traditional mechanical stabilisation including additional clay and bluestone rock.

The objective of the trial was to ascertain how well gravel additives worked, what worked best and what would give the longest pavement lives. They were interested in the comparative costs of the treatments. After two years the treatments are holding, whereas the section of untreated road had to be regraded after only 9 months of operation.

The work has been documented and presented as a paper at the National IPWEA conference in 2017 even though the trial was still in early operation. A final report will be coming soon.