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Black Spot Programme 2016/17 results, and applications for 2017/18

15th September 2017
Black Spot Programme 2016/17 results, and applications for 2017/18
The 2016/17 Black Spot Programme funding allocations have been announced for Victoria, with a total of $13.6 million allocated to road safety improvement projects.  There were a total of 50 applications funded in Victoria in the 2016-17 round, down from the 138 that were funded in 2015-16. Further information on the Black Spot Programme and the 2016-17 funded projects can be found here.
Black Spot funded projects are targeted at improving locations with a demonstrated history of road crashes, with funding allocated on the basis of selecting treatments with high benefit-cost ratios to directly address safety issues. These projects provide excellent outcomes for the community by reducing the number and severity of road crashes. 
HDS Australia prepared Black Spot applications for 12 sites on behalf of 4 councils for the 2016/17 round of funding. Four of these applications were successful, continuing HDS Australia’s excellent track record of delivering Black Spot investigations.
Notably, this year the total funding for Victoria was down from $39.1 million in the 2015/16 and the Benefit Cost Ratio required to obtain funding was approximately 6, indicating significant competition amongst high quality applications for limited funding. This year a total of $1.3 million has been allocated for road safety improvements to the 4 councils for whom HDS Australia prepared applications. 
HDS Australia is currently in the process of preparing applications for the 2017/18 funding round. We have considerable expertise in providing low cost, practical solutions to improve road safety and would be happy to discuss providing assistance and investigation services to Councils who are interested in making applications to this year’s funding programme.