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AITPM seminar: Understanding Community Consultation for Transport Projects

30th October 2017
AITPM seminar: Understanding Community Consultation for Transport Projects
On October 25, 2017, James Reynolds, Business Development Officer, and Hugh Dixon, Traffic Engineer, of HDS Australia's Victorian Office, attended an Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management (AITPM) seminar. The speakers were:
  • Dr. Alexa Delbosc, a Senior Lecturer at the Monash Institute of Transport Studies in the Department of Civil Engineering;
  • Kate Eskdale, a Senior Executive Communications at RPS Australia Asia Pacific; and
  • Griff Davis, Manager of City Transport at Wyndham City Council.
Dr. Delbosc spoke about the biases that people, including motorists, cyclists and professionals, bring to traffic engineering and resolving traffic problems.  She emphasised the need to identify and allow for these biases in examining traffic and transport matters.  
Ms Eskdale spoke about the difference between briefing and consultation. In particular there can be a negative reaction from the public when they are invited to be involved with consultation, but end up just being briefed and have little input into outcomes. 
Mr Davis spoke about the time and flexibility needed to undertake consultation. In particular he touched on the importance of: identifying what can be changed early in the consultation process, for all parties involved to be aware of how much flexibility exists, and for adequate time to be allowed for apply the resulting information.
Many thanks to AITM for an excellent seminar, and to the speakers who presented. Hugh and James are looking forward to the next AITPM event.