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Adelaide Travel Time Surveys

28th July 2015
Adelaide Travel Time Surveys

HDS Australia has recently completed vehicle travel time surveys on 10 routes throughout Adelaide for the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).  The surveys have been performed annually for over 10 years to track changes in typical travel times during the morning and afternoon peak periods and throughout the day.

The floating car method is used to undertake the surveys.  This method uses a survey vehicle to travel within the traffic stream at the same speed as other vehicles on the road. Travel times are recorded between various check points along each survey route using specialised software on a laptop computer.

HDS Australia field staff undertook over 300 trips during May and June to complete the surveys.  Trips were undertaken in both the peak and non-peak directions for each of the 10 routes, which are between 5 and 18km in length.  The total travel distance during the surveys was over 3,300km, not including travel required to reach the start and return from the end of each trip.   

Analysis of the survey data is currently underway and will be completed this month. The results from these surveys will be used by DPTI to track travel time changes on the Adelaide road network from year to year, and as a basis for planning and travel studies.