Eastern Transport Consortium, Minor Works Program - Preliminary Investigation

Project background and challenges

  • 45 sites required minor works to provide facilities, primarily for cyclists and bus patrons.
  • The investigation was to be used for grant funding, therefore scoping of works was important.
  • Facilities were to be DDA compliant so familiarity with DDA requirements and measurement of footpath grades were important.
  • Full construction drawings had already been prepared for some sites, others had concept plans prepared. Most were being started from scratch.
  • Plans already prepared had to be checked for compliance and accuracy.
  • Cost estimates of each project were prepared.
  • A brief description of the works including the existing deficiencies and the expected benefits were prepared.
  • Sites included urban and rural as well as rural and urban streets. Sites for bike parking facilities included station car parks and platforms.
  • Due to the required timeframe the investigation was undertaken over the Christmas / New Year period.