Centres of Excellence

HDS Australia has a focus on the provision of safe and sustainable community infrastructure.  The company has two centres of excellence: 

  • Road Safety Auditing and Heavy Vehicle Route Assessment; and
  • Design and Construction of Community Wastewater Management Systems.

The company is currently the Number 1 provider of road safety audit services in South Australia, undertaking existing condition, design, traffic management, pre-opening and post construction audits for numerous large and small projects throughout the state. HDS Australia is also a prominent provider of similar services in Victoria to VicRoads, local government authorities and private construction clients.  

HDS Australia is actively involved in heavy vehicle route assessments, in regards to the assessment of proposals by freight and logistics companies requiring large and higher productivity vehicles on the existing national hgihway, arterial and local road networks. 

The company is one of three main providers of services to local government and private sector clients in South Australia covering the development of community wastewater management systems (CWMS). Professional services provided range from existing system audits and concept design through to tendering and construction superintendency.